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All-In Microbial Fogging is a highly effective decontamination process

that is non obtrusive and safe for all environments of any size. 

Over the years our specialism has been in the building and maintenance of Care Homes and Nursing Homes. This included the cleaning of ventilation systems in Kitchens large and small which enabled us to achieve TR19 Certification.


We have since expanded our range of services to help protect and prevent against the

Corona Virus. These include Microbial Fogging and Air Purifiers.


Mircobial Fogging 


The Mist is micro wet meaning it drys on impact leaving nothing damp or wet, which means it will NOT effect electrical office equipment or fabric seats etc as shown in our video simulations.

The nature of viruses such as the flu means that they are able to spread incredibly quickly. With the ability to go from one person to another in a flash, preventive methods need be strictly adhered to. While there are many ways for you to personally stop a contraction, the truth is that your building may be the main cause of your problems. Buildings often need to be treated the same as a human body, applying a solution to prevent (and sometimes cure) an infection. The number one method to do this is via All-in Microbial fogging.

Our Microbial Fog process involves the application of a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-staining, non-carcinogenic and pH neutral fog to your premises. This misty fog kills most viruses, bacteria and fungi, leaving the building safer than before.


It does not stain clothing or counters; and people, plants and pets do not need to be vacated during the process. This product is perfectly safe, often being used in infectious wards of hospitals with patients remaining. Furthermore, we are able to present the “litmus paper” test which proves the efficacy of the application.

Fit for both commercial and domestic locations, microbial fogging is perfect for schools, offices, hotels, homes and many more places. Whether it is moving into a new home or cleaning an old office, total disinfection is something every building should have.


Starting the All-in Microbial Fogging process is simple. Upon contacting us, we will provide you with a quotation for your premises. From there, a date suitable for you is set, allowing our specialists to arrive on the day and initiate the service, getting rid of all the pathogens in the air.













Testimonial - Ridgeway Court Care home 

" We called All in Maintenance after a resident sadly contracted the Corona Virus. Staff and other residents were understandably uncomfortable being in the same environment. John at All in Maintenance, arranged for his team to decontaminate the whole building overnight. The next day we didn't know what to expect, The building was immaculate and smelled amazingly clean. I was so impressed, I insisted our directors come and see the difference.

Our directors are so impressed, all the nursing homes in our group are sanitized every 2 weeks

Directors comment - "The health and well-being of our staff and residents have always been

our highest priority. During these worrying times, it is important that we take every measure to ensure a safe and clean environment for everyone.

All in Microbial Fogging is not as expensive as you think. The service is outstanding

and we as group always put people before profit.


We highly recommend using John and his team" 



Air Purification

Their are numerous air purifiers available for purchase in today's market that are generally acceptable under normal circumstances for filtering contaminants to help hay-fever and some viruses, but they all use a simple capture in a filter method which is not 100% and often require regular filter changes.

All in have sourced the best possible machine that requires NO FILTERS or maintenance.


Our BKM or (Bacterial Killing Machines) pull in air from the room and kill all molds, bacteria, viruses and carbon based contaminants. The BKM was developed using NASA technology on a Nano level using Advanced Hydrated Photo technology.

The BKM 900 will work 24/7 to keep any area clean and free of Viruses, spores and odours.

For more information regarding our microbial fogging solution, please contact us if you require further information.

All work is 100% Safe and Certified.



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